Motivational and Inspirational Speaking
Having faced his own mortality at the age of 13, gave Steve a unique outlook living each day to the fullest.  For the last 30 years Steve has done just that, treating each day as a gift and treating the people he meets with respect and kindness.  Steve’s speaking engagements help teach participants that one’s interactions in life affects one’s quality of life.  Steve’s lessons leverage eastern philosophies like Karma and how your physical health and wellness can be affected.

Steve’s life has not been without heartache and tragedy.  His wife of 10 years passed away unexpectedly, leaving him as the sole provider for his 9 year old.  He has been deceived and made to suffer undue financial losses at the whim of people he made millions of dollars for, and he has been faced with unjust legal actions because people around him had no concept what they were doing or what was fair.

Yet through all of this hardship Steve learned that treating people with fairness and working to find equitable compromises was in the best interest of his physical and mental health.  That compassion for those who choose to lie, cheat, steal and suffer the physical and mental consequences of their actions, is in the end the proper way to go through life.

Steve’s speaking sessions are ideally suited for times of hardship, and learning Steve's simple lesson that it is better Live, Love, and Laugh with a clean consciences.